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Frequently asked questions

Is Marshall Mountain open to the public?

Yes! On Thursday, August 12, 2021, Marshall Moutain opened again for the first time in almost 20 years. The Marshall Mountain Base Area Property is owned by Izzy Dog, LLC and managed for public use by Missoula Parks & Recreation through a short-term lease agreement with an option to purchase the property. The site is open to public access due to the generosity of the owners. If users do not follow the posted rules and guidelines, access to the site could be closed.

Can I camp overnight?
Marshall Canyon Road and the Marshall Mountain Park parking lot are closed to overnight camping and parking. If you see individuals violating this closure, please call 911.
Can I bring my dog(s)?
Due to the anticipated intense recreational use and the design of the existing trail system, dogs are not allowed on-site during the lease period. Based on community feedback during the upcoming public planning process, dogs may or may not be permitted later. For now, please enjoy recreating with your pooch pals on the hundreds of miles of shared-use, dog-accessible trails elsewhere within the Missoula Valley.
Do I need a permit for special events?

All pre-approved events and camps currently scheduled for summer 2021 will continue. A Marshall Mountainspecific special event permit and fee structure will be developed for use for the 2022 season. All 2022 events will require a permit.

What kind of trails are available?

Single-track trails are designated as bike-specific, one-way travel due to narrow construction, specialized trail features and history of use as a competitive mountain bike course. Double-track trails are shared-use (hiking/cycling), two-way travel due to wide construction and moderate grades. Please stay on existing trails and follow posted rules and trail signs to keep yourself and others safe and ensure continued public access. All buildings are closed.

What other rules do I need to follow?
  1. Open daylight hours only — sunrise to sunset. 
  2. Overnight camping and parking are not permitted.
  3. Recreate at your own risk.
  4. Motorized use is not permitted, including e-bikes.
  5. Dogs are not allowed at any time.
  6. Pick up litter.
  7. No hunting.
  8. Stay on existing trails. Follow signs and trail use designations.
  9. For your safety and the safety of others: do not make any modifications to existing trails, including jumps, ramps, obstacles, etc.
  10. Observe trail etiquette, respect other users and neighbors.
  11. Leave vegetation, including wildflowers.
  12. OTHER PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: campfires, fireworks, drones, and discharging firearms

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